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Comenius Project

Multinational project with schools from Italy, France, Germany and Spain


The overall aim of this project is for the partners, students and teachers to apply basic scientific principles and processes in everyday contexts both at home and at work and to report creatively on their experiences. We will concentrate on the artistic expression of the historical impact and continuing influence of technological development on inter-cultural understanding. Our focus will be on European identity, European values and future perspectives. Our purpose is to raise awareness of our individual cultural identities while using our meetings as a means of developing and expressing a collective identity.


We will use a range of jointly produced artistic and digital products to achieve this, including music, the performing and visual arts, literature, and creative writing. Students and teachers will not only work together but also pursue important and interesting topics with other partner institutions and companies.
Throughout the project we will combine the artistic aspects with knowledge and the direct application of the sciences and information technology. The students, in addition to improving their linguistic competencies, will develop their learning-to-learn skills and will also reflect on how their cultures have impacted, and continue to impact, differently on each partner country. They will develop artistic approaches and use new technology.

Through this project work we want to foster science and technology (MINT) as well as initiative and creativity in our schools. The approaches and methods used in the teaching of science and technology have a huge impact on how much students learn in the classroom. Appropriate teaching methods can improve levels of understanding and also influence how students engage with and enjoy their learning. This, in turn, impacts on how much and how well they learn.


The students' impressions, experiences and reflections at all stages of the project will be documented in an e-book. As a result of the digital era, e-books have become a new trend in the world of information technology. They provide a wide range of interesting teaching and learning possibilities. They integrate animation and graphics creation while also offering many other advantages to users in that they are easy to access and provide hyper-connection with other books. At the end of the project the ebook will be published and distributed online.

Christa Bauerschmidt, COMENIUS Coordinator at HBG Bremen